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The Heritage Sanctuary is the centrepiece of Emanuel Synagogue. It bears the most historical significance of any location on the site and, having hosted countless significant religious and community events over many years, is dear to the hearts of many.

While it is still a beautiful and functional space, the Sanctuary has fallen into a state of disrepair – consistent with its age and the time since any substantial refurbishment has been undertaken.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to present our vision for the continued success of Emanuel Synagogue to you and we sincerely hope that you will support us in this endeavour.

The new design will harness the latest in electronic and digital technology to create a sense of intimacy and ambience within the Sanctuary, whether the room is full or occupied by just a few people; enabling Emanuel Synagogue to engage more effectively with its community into the future.

Our recent construction of the beautiful new shul in the Millie Phillips Building has shown us how powerful and uplifting one’s physical surroundings can be, and how fundamentally a building can influence the beauty and majesty of a religious service.

There is no doubt that the new sanctuary has brought renewed enthusiasm, excitement and vigour to our community and it is our hope and expectation that the proposed Heritage Sanctuary upgrade will have a similar effect.

Emanuel Synagogue President, Alex Lehrer

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